Returned Goods

Credit not exceeding 90% of the original price is generally allowed (subject to approval at the sole discretion of the Seller) provided it is returned freight prepaid and in “as new” condition. In no case will the seller authorise the return of material more than ninety days after shipment from the Seller’s Plant.

1. Goods returned must be accompanied by a Delivery Docket stating original invoice number, date of purchase and reason for return.
2. Non standard equipment made to special order cannot be credited under any circumstances.
3. Inward freight, packing and delivery charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. If not prepaid by the purchaser, freight will be deducted from the amount of the credit.
4. Unless otherwise agreed, goods returned will be subject to a restock fee. All goods with a net value in excess of $20 will be subject to at least a 10% restock charge. No claim by the Buyer need be recognised unless made in writing within fourteen days after delivery of goods to the buyer. No claim for damage or resultant expense direct or indirect in respect of any goods shall in any case exceed the invoice price of the goods in respect of which any damages or expense shall arise. All damage or expense over and above such invoice price shall be the responsibility of the buyer