Acne is common with teenagers because when puberty starts the body over produces sebum which can clog pores.  Bacteria can grow and get trapped inside the pores.  Once bacteria gets in its often difficult to clear up.  Best to avoid touching with unclean fingers, resist picking as this will leave scars.  Wash face morning and night. Our Face Wash is a gentle, daily cleanser with simple, natural ingredients like clay, lavender oil and saponified coconut oil.  Follow this with a moisturiser like our ‘Citrus and Hemp’ made with citrus oils, use this sparingly as you don’t need a lot of oil on your skin as your body is already making a lot of sebum.  Another alternative is our facial spritz – either rose or lavender – both have small amounts of essential oils and freshen the skin, settle inflammation and help promote new skin cells.

A fortnightly mud mask will help too.  Use our Bentonite Mud Mask which absorbs excess oils, is mildly exfoliating.  Clay has a negative charge which binds to positively charged impurities like toxins and bacteria and pulls them from your pores.  Clay is also packed with nutrients and minerals like silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron which help with collagen production.

Obviously eat fresh foods, drink plenty of water (no fruit juices they are highly concentrated with sugar even though its natural).  Wash hair regularly and keep off your face.  Stop obsessing about your acne, stop thinking about it, looking in the mirror and talking about it.  Reduce your stress levels because it causes a rise in cortisol which stimulated the sebaceous glands to over produce sebum. (how amazing is that!)

Some acne is so severe and has reach the lower dermis that only a coarse of anti-biotics prescribed by a doctor come overcome them.  Gut health is very important to restore.  Take a pro-biotic, avoid dairy products and eat fresh food and water.