There is no Planet B!

At Corrynne’s we are constantly looking at ways we can reduce our global footprint and come up with manufacturing processes and packaging methods to become more sustainable.

Small business is often the first to react to customer’s demands to make changes that bigger companies just simply don’t do or are never asked.  I look at products in our big supermarkets and get annoyed to see more and more products taken out of glass and moved into plastic.

We are doing the opposite. Wherever possible we have reverted to glass containers with the exception of our body washes which remain in recycled plastic bottles for safe use in showers.  These bottles can be refilled in store and empties (after being washed) can be dropped in our own recycling bin for re-use.

We reuse all packaging that comes onto our premises.  Be it boxes or stuffing we re-use this when fulfilling our online orders. A little note explaining that it may be plastic packaging but it is recycled and not put in the bin after only one use is attached to every order.

All excess or waste is recovered where possible including that from the vats after soap making. For example this forms the base of our Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner and all off cuts from soap trimming are packaged and sold as such or shredded and reconstituted into round soaps.

We have also reduced our carbon footprint since installing solar where we have cut grid energy consumption by 70%.

So as you can see at Corrynne’s we are doing our bit towards a cleaner and more sustainable future and hope that leading by example, others will follow including the big chains or supermarkets.

There is no Planet B!